Tracey Spuyman and Mark Smith are the founding partners of Mokum Communications, bringing together complementary agency and client experience built up over many years. Mokum Communications is creating a collaborative agency group that offers specialist PR and communications expertise to clients in specific sectors.

Through a series of acquisitions and joint ventures, Mokum is building a robust business committed to responsive, close relationships with clients and the highest quality output, in an atmosphere and culture of respect, trust, honesty and an essential component of enjoyment.

For clients this means the highest standards of strategic thinking and day-to-day delivery based on collaboration, attention to detail and excellence.

Quick-thinking and creative at every opportunity, Mokum Communications is ambitious and aims to build a strong reputation as a network of agencies with a common set of beliefs at the core to which both the team and clients can relate.

Mokum will always be mindful to create an environment where people flourish and clients thrive and prosper, with strong mentoring from experienced senior professionals who enjoy the day to day detail of agency life, know how to make buisnesses operate effectively and inject an element of fun into hard work.

Tracey and Mark are always available for a conversation with interested parties, clients or agencies, particularly those looking for a new way of consolidating value and finding a new normal.

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